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North Coast MTC provides a number of unique medical courses that will help start your career and build your future.



North Coast MTC currently has five departments and offers quality facilities and accommodation for optimal study.

Why study with us?

Why study with us?We employ a very unique and effective methodology of imparting knowledge and skills called Competency Based Learning.

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North Coast Medical Training College

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North Coast Medical Training College started training medical and medical-related courses in the year 2012. After establishing the department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery in 2012, two more departments, Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics, were established in 2013. In 2016, Community Health was added. The college is offering basic (post-secondary school) diploma courses and certificate courses. In 2017, the college has introduced two post-basic certificate courses. The health profession education course is accessible for all health workers holding at least a diploma and who are involved in teaching or guiding/mentoring healthcare students. The quality dialysis care course is available to nurses and clinical officers who hold at least a diploma.

Training in all courses of North Coast Medical Training College is based on appropriate and innovative curricula aimed at training highly competent and responsive health workers with well-developed professional and social skills necessary to solve the unique problems of local communities in developing countries.

The college is located in Bomani, Kikambala Division, Kilifi County, in between Mombasa and Kilifi town. Theoretical training and clinical skills training takes place at the Kikambala campus.

The institution is located in a conducive setting with spacious classrooms, library, a computer lab and Skillslab. Accommodation is available but optional. Wireless internet is available 24h everywhere in the college. The main hospital for clinical attachment is Kilifi District Hospital. In addition other medical centres and hospitals – private, mission, and public are also providing clinical placements.



Our Clients' Testimonials

I am a proud nutrition and dietetics student of North Coast Medical Training College. In this college learning is fun and also it makes students to be very active. The student competency based learning actually makes one to learn more and gain more knowledge.


Due to this type of learning I see myself going very far in that I will be able to be a professional who is very competent.


Since I joined this college I had my expectations and they were all met and also I have gotten more out of it.


Mariam S. Ahmed, Student



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