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North Coast Medical Training College (NCMTC) has made yet another milestone in its realization of its vision of being a center of excellence that is respected for its high-quality healthcare training and management. One of the Department at the institution (Nutrition) has got a node from the government of Kenya by being certified to fully offer Diploma and Certificate Courses in Nutrition. This was a plus for the institution, basing the fact that the institution is ranked 11th out of the 63 institutions in the country to get the certification.

The event was presided over by the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) Kenya Nutritionists and Dietetics Institute (KNDI) Dr. Okeyo accompanied by the Secretariat for KNDI Madam Ruth, the C.E.O awarded the certificate to the Principal of the Institution (NCMTC) Mr. Bernard Mosongo.

Our Clients' Testimonials

I am a proud nutrition and dietetics student of North Coast Medical Training College. In this college learning is fun and also it makes students to be very active. The student competency based learning actually makes one to learn more and gain more knowledge.


Due to this type of learning I see myself going very far in that I will be able to be a professional who is very competent.


Since I joined this college I had my expectations and they were all met and also I have gotten more out of it.


Mariam S. Ahmed, Student



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