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North coast medical training college was born out of the acute need for competent health workers who are responsive to the dynamic health care needs in the current era. The college started training in 2012, with the first lot of 20 students in the department of clinical medicine and surgery.


There after the school grew constantly and increased the number of departments including nursing, community health and nutrition. We also started receiving students from all over the country.  Currently North Coast MTC has had two graduations, with the first lot who qualified in 2015 and the second batch of 2016. A lot has been achieved in this spun of five years of training that makes us really of this institution.

Competence based student centered is the teaching and learning system used in the college. It is a powerful system that empowers learners with knowledge, skills and the right attitude to be responsible, independent, and responsive to individual health needs. The results of this system have been evident from all our students in the hospitals our students have been attached. It was also evident at the national level with one of our pioneer student in the department of clinical medicine leading the country in the clinical officers’ council national exam and the others passing with flying colors.

The school also develops students around their special capabilities. Currently we have nine tutors who are alumni of the college. They showed special abilities and interest in medical education right from the time they were students. They were selected and nutured, after completing their courses, they were motivated to pursue a course in medical education and were finally employed back in the college. One other student among the aliens who were trained in the college who had good leadership qualities was also natured and after completing his course, he went back to his home country Somalia, vied for a parliamentarian seat and won.

Those who have completed in our college have been tremendous in the job market. Most of our graduates have been employed across different sectors including the public and private sectors and NGOs.

The school has been growing rapidly with increase in the number of courses offered. Recently we started offering post-basic courses in medical education and renal care.


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